"Canadian sparkling wine icon, Benjamin Bridge, continues to capture the attention and admiration of wine aficionados, Sommeliers, and fine dining establishments around the world with their world-class premium sparkling wines. The 2014 Brut is a blanc de blancs, 100% Chardonnay, that showcases exactly why Benjamin Bridge has become Canada’s favourite sparkling wine house. Hand harvested Chardonnay that was fermented in primarily stainless steel with a small portion in neutral oak, after which it spent four years on its lees, contributing to its impressive flavour profile and zesty texture. The nose offers crisp apple, lime, lemon pastry, and sea breeze. Incredibly refreshing and beautifully balanced, the fine micro bubbles coat the palate and make way for a long green apple, lime, and mineral finish which persists for minutes. This impressive sparkling wine pairs wonderfully with practically any dish you can imagine, and is equally great when enjoyed on its own. If you love fine sparking wine and haven't tasted a Benjamin Bridge wine then what are you waiting for! Highly recommended!" Score: 94
Matt Steeves on 2014 Brut, | 13/08/19
"The '07 is spun so fine and endowed with a prominent and great leesy nose, along with baking biscuits and lemon purity. To taste there is zest, white pepper and ultimately this is streamlined and refined.....One will find no holes and no holds barred, in tension and in ease. Price tag, $75? Cost, "priceless." " Score: 93
Michael Godel on 2007 Brut Reserve, | 14/05/18
"A tour de force! With 50 percent white L'Acadie blend, Jean-Benoit Deslauriers, with pinot noir and Chardonnay complement, has come to make a sparkling at once nervous and elegant, enhanced with floral notes." Score: 90
Marc Chapleau on NV Brut, | 05/06/18
"Blend of Chardonnay (60%), Pinot Noir (30%) and Pinot Meunier. A very convincing sparkling wine, even excellent, with the signature elegance of the estate, notes of blond tobacco, a spicy finish, harmony of the whole." Score: 91
Marc Chapleau on 2012 Brut, | 05/06/18
"A stunning Nova Scotia sparkling wine from Benjamin Bridge. This is a non- vintage (NV) bubbly that's a blend of L’Acadie, Vidal, Seyval, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay estate grown grapes. Aromas of freshly baked bread and golden apple. Winemaker Jean-Benoit Deslauriers has blended several vintages to create this signature style. Pair with shellfish and seafood." Score: 93
Natalie MacLean on NV Brut, | 18/06/18
"Lovely focus here: taut, crisp and refined with lovely citrus fruit. Delicate with some pear richness and fine spiciness. But this wine is all about length and finish. It just expands beautifully on the finish with layers of flavour that linger after the initial impression of tightness and crispness has gone. Quite special. " Score: 92
Jamie Goode on 2012 Brut, | 20/03/18
"This Nova Scotia sparkling sets the trend for Canadian bubblies in style and elegance. The 2012 vintage of the Benjamin Bridge Brut is stunning. You're drinking the stars here.... All grapes are estate grown and hand-harvested in October and bottled in June after spending 5 years on the lees to add richness, creaminess and depth. The 2012 vintage had the ideal conditions of sustained cool weather moderated by the Bay of Fundy which allowed for slow and complex ripening of the grapes.... Pair with Atlantic lobster in melted butter or fresh seafood. " Score: 96
Natalie MacLean on 2012 Brut, | 26/02/18
"Bone-dry, this is the non-vintage flagship from sparkling-wine specialist Benjamin Bridge. Excellent depth, showing nutty, bready, toasty notes over fresh pear and lemon-lime soda, plus the electric acidity of a mouthful of microscopic spark plugs. " Score 91
Beppi Crosariol on NV Brut, The Globe and Mail | 13/12/17
"The nose shows crisp orchard fruit, brioche, with a touch of sea-breeze, for which this maritime winery is well known. The palate is crisp and tart with great texture from the never-ending supply of fine bubbles. Lip smacking tart citrus and gumdrop flavours make way to the long and palate cleansing finish. Ideally suited for enjoying with rich dishes, this NV is sure to be loved for it offers great quality at a terrific price. Benjamin Bridge continues to demonstrate that they’re a world leader in premium sparkling wine production." Score: 92
Matt Steeves on NV Brut, | 10/12/17
"It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Benjamin Bridge, and of all the amazing sparkling wines bubbling up on Canada’s East Coast. What’s particularly exciting is their use of hybrid grapes and the incredibly complex wines they are able to produce. While Benjamin Bridge has always focused on vintage dated wines, they’ve recently launched a non-vintage program, where they blend hybrid base wines with Chardonnay & Pinot Noir reserve wines of up to 15 years old. The result? An amazing mineral driven wine with a distinctive sea-side salinity. You may not wanna give this one away after all! "
Sparkling Winos on NV Brut, | 15/12/17
"A spine-tingling, nervy sparkler offering pronounced autolytic character along with great energetic tartness. Quite dry, pure, linear and punchy. A unique proprietary blend of l’acadie, seyval, pinot noir, and chardonnay that taps into 13 years of reserve wine to create this non-vintage cuvée. Memorable and lengthy." Score: 90
Sara d'Amato on NV Brut, | 06/12/17
"This is an ultra pale, barely pink rose. It has a fairly generous honey comb, waxy/smoky nose with some apricot, linden and nuttiness. Not the floral, berry notes you might be expecting. It is light bodied with classic tight, nervy Nova Scotia acidity balanced by a wisp of sweetness. Quite tart-edged, and mineral on the finish. The length is very good to excellent. Unusual but effective." Score: 90
David Lawrason on NV Rosé, | 07/12/17
"Not surprising but still the arousing and instigating Brut Rosé is startling and ready to offer a boost any given day and at any moment. It's a blush sparkler but it deals in so much more than this; it's just faintly hued and so specific in Benjamin Bridge autolysis and citrus, though here with notes of pomegranate and red currant. These meld seamlessly with lemon, lime and ginger in such an enervating bubble. Rises to a crescendo with every sip and settles down again. Works every time. Such fine work from the J-B Deslauriers team." Score: 91
Michael Godel on NV Rosé, | 07/12/17
"A very pale salmon colour puts this somewhere in the twilight between white and 'gris' wine, while the open and pleasantly oxidative, very floral, smoky, herbal, citrus and briny character is, to say the least, intriguing. I love the sharpness and the balance on offer, the feather-light frame (11% alcohol) and also the intense and lingering flavour, one of the peculiarities of this Nova Scotian terroir. A wine with a terrific and very strong sense of place, well-crafted, with care." Score: 91
John Szabo on NV Rosé, | 07/12/17
"As unique as the story behind this iconic Canadian winery, this NV is from BB's Gaspereau Valley estate vineyard, and a blend of L’Acadie, vidal, seyval, pinot noir, and chardonnay. Highly pointedly and pinkly perfumed: think pink florals, pithy pink grapefruit, tight pink lady apples. The attack is brisk and lively with high-toned florals from the l'acadie, vidal and seyval. Lime pith lingers on the finish, textured with pear skin. The raging acidity easily carries the 13 g/l dosage, leaving it barely and pleasingly off-dry. The Benjamin Bridge reserve library spans over 13 years and includes blending components from its inaugural 2002 vintage all of which contributes to the house style. Big enough for duck, fresh enough for oysters." Score: 90
Treve Ring & Anthony Gismondi on NV Brut, | 01/12/17
"a pitch-perfect mix of racy citrus and white stone/orchard fruit, alongside delicate biscuity autolysis, all framed by riveting acids, sharp but not shrill, in the style for which Nova Scotia, and Benjamin Bridge in particular, is becoming known. The overall balance is impeccable on a feather-light frame, though make no mistake: there's significant depth and length on the palate. ... It's hard not to love what this estate is doing. " Score: 92
John Szabo on 2012 Brut, | 23/08/17
"It’s no secret that we’re big fans of east coast bubbly (especially from Benjamin Bridge!) and this NV Rosé certainly did not disappoint! Complex, yet super approachable, we’re all about it."
Sparkling Winos on NV Rosé, | 12/11/17
"The 2011 Brut is a beautiful Blanc de Blancs made from 100% Chardonnay sourced from their estate vineyards. The nose offers crisp golden apple, lemon biscuit, and wet stone. Incredibly refreshing, the fine micro bubbles coat the palate and make way to a long mineral driven green apple and lime finish. This fine traditional method sparkling wine would enhance any celebration and would complement the richest dishes you can imagine." Score: 92
Matt Steeves on 2011 Brut, | 19/10/17
| 01/09/17
"A 100-per-cent chardonnay, this bone-dry 2011 sparkling wine is indeed the current release for Benjamin Bridge, an exacting Nova Scotia producer committed to maturing its bubblies in contact with yeast sediment, or lees, for extended periods. This one spent four years on those lees developing doughy depth, toastiness and almond-like nuttiness. More conspicuously, the wine displays an uncanny resemblance to green apples and lemon, with the winery’s (and the province’s) signature racy acidity very much in evidence. Yes, it rivals fine Champagne." Score: 92
Beppi Crosariol on 2011 Brut, The Globe and Mail | 12/07/17
"Beautiful citrus notes with lemon and a touch of apricot in the forefront. Nicely textured, this is far from being knife-like in acidity. Rather, it stays fresh and elegant from the first sip. Comfy."
Bill Zacharkiw on 2011 Brut, | 07/07/17
"This very fine sparkler shows the narrow frame and racy acidity that is a signature of the Benjamin Bridge sparklers. It is 100% chardonnay "blanc de blancs" aged four years on its lees. It pours pale lemon. It has a mild, clean nose of lemon loaf, green apple and wet stone with mild toasty character. It's light, lean and racy with a tart lemony finish. Excellent length." Score: 91
David Lawrason on 2011 Brut, | 29/06/17
"2011 is a terrific vintage for Benjamin Bridge's pure chardonnay traditional method bubbly, offering still-remarkable freshness with just a touch of honeyed-floral oxidative notes beginning to creep in. Yeasty autolysis is not a major factor despite 5 years on the lees, a trait of the top bubblies from Nova Scotia. The wine is lean and laser sharp on the palate with little dosage (no sweetness evident), though there's plenty of acid to balance in any case. Excellent length, finishing on pure limey-citrus flavours. For the aperitif slot." Score 92
John Szabo on 2011 Brut, | 29/06/17
"This pale, salmon pink rose is comprised of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier grown on the estate in the Gaspereau Valley of Nova Scotia. It was made in the traditional method and aged three years on its lees. It's a delicate yet bracing, dry, very nervy and mineral interpretation with considerable leesy/autolytic character set amid subtle strawberry and toasty notes. It is light bodied with very high acidity leaving an almost salty/oyster shell ambiance. The length is excellent." Score: 90
David Lawrason on 2012 Sparkling Rose , | 28/06/17
"2012 Rosé rushes out as an open vein of fleshy aromatics, many of which you will have never nosed before. Citrus and floral exotica, like juice vesicles oozing out of fruit and herbal, of Murraya paniculata, pomelo and kumquat. The omnipresent vitality, energy, intensity and Bridge acidity is never denied and definitely not here but the vintage sets this '12 apart and furthers the experience with travel around excellency. The liquid hits the palate, expands, vaporizes and recurs... Just when you thought Benjamin Bridge and winemaker Jean-Benoit Deplauriers had hit the mark they turn the mark on its head..." Score: 93
Michael Godel on Sparkling Rosé 2012, | 22/04/17
"100 percent Chardonnay Brut spent four years on the lees before release, and is still extremely tight, fresh and precise. Tasting beauty now, this has a long life ahead. Gripped by a pithy tightness, and centered with a comfortably slender palate, this is crystalline orange and lemon, pear skin and oil, and bitter lemon thistle herbaceousness throughout to a shimmering vibrato on the finish. Serious stuff." Score: 92
Treve Ring on Brut 2011, | 22/02/17
"The 2011 vintage of the Benjamin Bridge Brut is stunning. Lovely aromas of lime citrus, fresh mint, and lemon brightness on the nose and palate with great replays of flavour. A long, toasty finish leaves you at the shoreline of this Atlantic bubbly longing for more. This wine dances in the glass like sunlight on the ocean, with just as much refreshing sea spray on the palate and senses. Pair with Atlantic lobster in melted butter and dockside daydreams. " Score 93
Natalie MacLean on 2011 Brut, | 25/05/17
"A delightful sparkling wine made from L’Acadie, Vidal, Seyval, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay varietals, blended with several vintages going back to the initial vintage in 2002. Refreshing brioche, apple, lime aromatics , echoed on a mouth-watering palate that gives tart lime, brioche, honey, slight smoky touches and the signature salinity. Extra-dry with persistent fizz and a long saline finish. Perfect for toasting or kicking off a party with savoury appetizers." Score 91
Jane Staples on NV Brut, | 01/03/17
"This latest release of the NV Brut marks a big change, and improvement, from the previous bottling. It has moved to a clearly more complex, smoky, autolytic (toasty) style, and it's terrific. It contains reserve wines (chardonnay and pinot noir) up to 15 years old, going back to the inaugural 2002 vintage from Benjamin Bridge, alongside more youthful base wines from L'Acadie, Seyval and Vidal with an average of three years on lees overall. Depth and especially complexity, as well as length on the palate, are excellent, while the flavour profile is decidedly steely, flinty and smoky, dried spearmint, ginger, and lime-tinged, far more mineral than fruity and still remarkably fresh. I love the balance, the essentially bone dry nature with sharp but not sour acids, the transparent and sinewy texture, and the genuine concentration of flavour. Considering the attractive price, the impressive quality, and the volume available, this wine has the potential to put Nova Scotia sparkling firmly on the national and even world map. " 90 Points
John Szabo on NV, | 08/12/16
"70% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir. Nice purity with lively, pithy, bright fruit. Cherry and plum notes. Fresh and vivid with lemony acidity. Fine, delicate and pure. " Score: 92
Jamie Goode on Benjamin Bridge Rosé 2012, | 30/09/16
"60% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir, low yields of 0.8 kg per vine and a dry extract twice the level of Dom Perignon. Concentrated and intense with real power. Tightwound citrus fruits with some pithy notes and well integrated acidity. Intense, pure, lemony and focused with amazing intensity. Has a really long finish." Score: 94
Jamie Goode on Benjamin Bridge Brut Reserve 2008, | 30/09/16
"It was my first time in Nova Scotia. This is the eastern-most province of Canada, and it’s the youngest of Canada’s cool climate wine regions. I was here to visit Benjamin Bridge, the sparkling wine producer that’s making waves, and has the reputation of being Canada’s finest sparkling has a unique microclimate that enables Vitis vinifera to ripen perfectly to create sparkling base wines."
Jamie Goode, | 30/09/16
"Tasting note: On the nose, youthful notes of juicy peaches, sea breeze and maritime minerals. On the palate, the wine reveals clarity and focus with hints of ripe cranberries and a fleur de sel-like minerality. Asian spices and more mineral notes resonate throughout a deep, persistent finish due to four years lees ageing." 1 of 14 of the world's best sparkling wines
Drinks Business on Benjamin Bridge Brut 2008, Drinks Business | 23/08/16
"A 43% Pinot Meunier, 42% Pinot Noir, 15% Chardonnay from the coolest of cool climates in Nova Scotia's Gaspereau Valley. A vivaciously lively, pale pink sparkler whose 14% dosage balances the 11% acidity." Score: 91
Steven Spurrier on Benjamin Bridge Rosé 2011, Decanter | 01/09/16
"Jean-Benoit Deslauriers brings the estate’s signature high-tension edge to this rosé." Score: 92
Beppi Crosariol on Benjamin Bridge Rose 2011, The Globe and Mail | 02/02/16
"Quickly becoming one of Canada’s cult wines"
DJ Kearney on Benjamin Bridge Brut 2008, Vancouver Magazine | 01/12/15
"The Benjamin Bridge project is among North America's most ambitious and serious winery ventures I've had the pleasure of encountering in years" Score: 9-9.5/10
Alder Yarrow on Benjamin Bridge Brut Reserve 2008, Vinography | 20/12/16
"At this Brut level it's so very bluesy and deceptive in consideration that it is a hybrid based wine, but at the sensory level, miles beyond and a whole other matter. " Score: 92
Michael Godel on 2008 Brut, | 26/08/15
"Sensations of lightly sweet fresh red berry and creamy softness contrast with bright acidity and crisp mineral on the palate." Score: 91
Sean Wood on 2011 Rosé, | July/Aug/15
"Toasty, white flowers, brioche; elegant, billowing on the palate with white peach and lemon flavours, beautifully balanced, very elegant with great length." Score: 92+
Tony Aspler CM on 2008 Brut Reserve, | 06/08/15
"Pale salmon colour; wild strawberry, toasty nose; rich mouth-feel of wild strawberry and lemon, fresh and lively on the palate. Very satisfying." Score: 90
Tony Aspler CM on 2011 Rosé, | 06/08/15
"Straw colour; toasty, brioche, honey; very dry and elegant with a long, green apple, lemony finish with a hint of ginger." Score: 91
Tony Aspler CM on 2008 Brut, | 06/08/15
"Forget that this is made with a dominant portion of l'acadie and seyval, with just a splash of pinot and chardonnay; if I hadn't told you, you'd never have known (and nor would have I, without the tech sheet at hand). This smells and tastes like top class, full vinifera bubbly. 2008 is clearly an exceptional vintage of Benjamin Bridge, vibrant, with beautifully melded citrus and toasty-brioche flavours full of grace and finesse. The palate has a tracing paper-like texture, wrapped around more creamy citrus and green apple and hazelnut crumble. Acids quiver energetically, and linger impressively. This was held for a remarkable 5 years on the lees (just released now) to allow full integration, and the wait was well worth it. And this is only the Brut - the Brut Reserve is in another dimension yet." Score: 91
John Szabo on 2008 Brut, | 29/05/15
"A blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Fine, expressive and creamy with some toasty notes and keen acidity. Fresh and lemony with a hint of nuts and cream. Impressive." Score: 92
Jamie Goode on 2008 Brut Reserve, | 05/02/15
"The 2008 vintage of the Benjamin Bridge Brut is the best I’ve tasted yet from the winery. Lovely aromas…A long, toasty finish leaves you at the shoreline of this Atlantic bubbly longing for more." Score: 93
Natalie Maclean on 2008 Brut, | 24/01/15
"I dare you to take the blind bubbly test with this wine and a top cuveé from Champagne…Truly this wine is a remarkable achievement." Score: 95
Natalie Maclean on 2008 Brut Reserve, | 24/01/15
"We’re talking benchmark Canadian bubble here, an ultra premium one, and yes – from Nova Scotia. Crisp, creamy and profound – the Brut is drinking fantastically now, but will continue to gain complexity in the years to come."
Treve Ring on 2009 Brut, | 07/02/14
"Fresh, precise, lively and concentrated with lemony precision and focused citrus fruits. Lovely, stylish fizz with a linear, lemony core." Score: 93
Jamie Goode on 2007 Brut Reserve, | 01/05/14
"Wonderfully pure and bright with citrus, pear and white peach fruit. Nice precision. Focused and fresh showing detail and superb balance." Score: 92
Jamie Goode on 2009 Brut, | 01/05/14
"This wine was previewed at a tasting at Teatro restaurant in May in a blind format that included some of the greatest — and most expensive — Champagnes in the world. As it has done in similar tastings elsewhere, it more than held its own, revealing a rich, complex sparkling wine…it raises the bar for new world sparkling wine."
Geoff Last on 2007 Brut Reserve, Calgary Herald | 18/10/13
"Nova Scotia’s Gaspereau Valley is home to Benjamin Bridge winery: a country leader in super-premium Champagne-style wines as well light, fresh, fruity charmers. This area offers arguably the most ideal conditions for steady, even cool climate grape ripening…Recognizing the enormous potential, they have since set about proving it."
Matt Browman, Culinaire Magazine | 01/11/13
"Benjamin Bridge is the new Canadian sparkler star. Cool climate grapes, expert elevage and vision of flavour from ex-Piper whizz Brisbois."
Oz Clarke, @ozclarke | 17/05/13
"The 2005 Brut Reserve reaches new heights of class and quality… I’m confident in stating that this is very likely the finest sparkling wine to have yet been issued from Canadian soil." Score: 95+
John Szabo , | 23/04/13
"Affirms Benjamin Bridge’s growing credentials as a world-leader in this style." Score: 94
Sean Wood on 2005 Brut Reserve, Tidings Magazine | 01/03/13
"The most complete and flawless sparkling I’ve ever reviewed." Score: 5 out of 5 stars
Daenna Van Mulligen on 2004 Brut Reserve, | 15/12/12
"Benjamin Bridge winery produces wines that critics can’t stop raving about."
Stephanie Johns, The Coast | 20/09/12
"Canada’s best bubbly."
Edward Finstein, Beach Metro News | 28/08/12
"Benjamin Bridge is the Nova Scotia sparkling winery that has received much more accolade than it has wine available. The bottle-aged Champagne method wines are indeed a revelation, but exceedingly rare to this point."
David Lawrason, | 08/02/12
"Whether it is their incredibly popular Nova 7 or their palate-rocking Traditional Method sparkling wines, they do it right… Supporting local is getting a lot easier now that we finally have products that are simply put, world-class."
Jonathan Wilson, | 02/07/12
"Mind-blowing sparkling wines that would challenge any highly-rated French Champagne."
Anthony Gismondi, Wine Access online | 29/01/12
"The most mind-blowing moment came during a visit to Benjamin Bridge… if their sparklings were not the closest thing to champagne that I have tasted, I don’t know what is."
Bill Zacharkiw, Montréal Gazette online | 09/10/11
"It’s a sparkler that rivals Champagne… one of the best Canadian wines I’ve tasted… I’m only surprised it didn’t come from the Champagne region of France."
Beppi Crosariol, The Globe and Mail | 09/06/11
"Seriously good sparkling wines!… great acidity… Benjamin Bridge has the rare twin-ability to show well when young, and promise even more for the future… Raphaël is a genius!"
Tom Stevenson
"They are, without question, the best sparkling wines I have tasted in Canada… They’re worth the trip to Nova Scotia."
Tony Aspler CM


"The 2017 Benjamin Bridge riesling presents a curious combination of tart and ripe, soft and sharp, creamy lees and incisive lime flavours off the top, all based on a 9.5% alcohol frame, light and lithe, lively and fleshy. Yet depth of flavour is quite exceptional, and though a little loose on the oxidative spectrum, it, wraps up nice and tight on the end. There' genuine quality behind this, but drink shortly in any case. Tasted August 2019." Score: 90
John Szabo on 2017 Riesling
"This white is quite aromatic with a pure apricot fragrance with a hint of Double Bubble. The attack is gently fizzy with pronounced gala apple flavour—sweet and tart—nuanced with orange buttercream, elderflower, and wildflower honey too. Each sip tapers to Altulfo mango finish. This wine is sweet but well-balanced with bracing acidity so it quenches rather than cloys. And its low in alcohol at 6.5 per cent, which makes it a great summer sipper. Lovely drop. " Score: 92
Carolyn Evans Hammond on 2018 Nova 7, The Toronto Star | 06/21/19
"Wine does not get much more vibrant than this. Benjamin Bridge, the sparkling wine specialist, has crafted a superb still riesling that combines a dollop of off-dry sweetness with electric-tart acidity for remarkable tension and balance. The flavours suggest lemon-lime, red berries, stone fruit, and saline minerality. A wine that can melt the winter's snow and brighten up any room. " 91
Beppi Crosariol on 2016 Riesling, The Globe and Mail | 01/24/2019
"We knew in this season we wouldn’t have enough for a full-on commercial Rosé," tells Jean-Benoit Deslauriers. This was harvested same day, red or pink, November 10th, whole cluster pressed for a few hours and then after débourbage transferred into concrete egg. There is remained for nearly six months and in March it was highly turbid at ferments' end. No fining, no filtration, never a sulphur addition with thanks to natural acidities that protect. It’s a perfectly lovely oxidative note with creaminess brought by the egg, never to be stripped away. It emulates the Kingsport vineyard and the varietal. Orange skin, salinity and integrated variability, with good tonic bitters. Even a bit of firmness of tannin that says its come into its own now and will be a cerebral bit of fun for two or three more years. This is Rosé very much meant to be. There were in and around 200 cases made, this essentially estate exclusive, with a few exceptions. Drink 2018-2021." 91
Michael Godel on 2016 Cabernet Franc Rosé Small Lot , Wine Align | Tasted October 2018.
"There's a subtly cloudy whirlpool of bubbles as you pour, a sign you're in for something lively. Off-dry but clean as an ocean spray, this is refined and elegant, with a vein of chalky minerality running through flavours of green apple and lemon. Imagine Muscadet and Sancerre crossed with gently spritzy vinho verde. Pass the plate of raw oysters." Score: 90
Beppi Crosariol on Tidal Bay, | 07/10/15
"Shining the palest shade of salmon, this off-dry blend of Muscat and other indigenous varieties grown along the Bay of Fundy teems with arresting aromas of lychee, poached peach and sweet mango and explosive flavours of sour cherries and pineapple shot through with lemon-squirt acidity. Do as the Maritimers do and pour this characterful fizz with a plate of oysters — their fat, briny goodness offsetting the wine’s sweet, sour sassiness. And with just 6.5 per cent alcohol, you can quaff it in the sun with relative abandon." Score: 91+
Carolyn Evans Hammond on 2016 Nova 7 , The Toronto Star | 30/06/17
"This is such a fine, light, airy, breath of pinot fresh air, in the hands of Meunier no less. A solid core of bright red fruit in finely distilled liquid ooze makes this the most amenable, natural and honestly pure red wine. Pretty crushable stuff and highly encouraged but there is a sneaky subset of tannin and structure waiting in the alternative pinot universe wings. Will morph into something completely other after two or three years so save one for later. Only then will you know how you like your Meunier. Drink 2017-2021." Score: 90
Michael Godel on 2016 Pinot Meunier Red, | 17/07/17
"Well, here's an absolutely cracking Pinot Meunier, or call it just delicious, zesty red wine, a real gem from Benjamin Bridge in the Annapolis Valley. Although a sparkling wine specialist, winemaker Jean-Benoit Deslauriers has crafted a still beauty from the rarely-solo Pinot Meunier variety, a study in freshness and energy, vibrating on a string of acids, re-vivifying, offering pure hedonistic pleasure. Fruit is all zest and red-tinged, tannins light and fine, and length enough to shift into the serious red wine category. Seekers of heft and weight need not apply, this is badminton, not racketball. Drink chilled for maximum enjoyment. Tasted September 2017." Score: 91
John Szabo on 2016 Pinot Meunier Red, | 14/09/17
"This icewine stands out from the crowd, with an intense baked apple nose, very full texture, and intense apple flavours on the finish, which lingers long. This needs no dessert pairing." Score: 90
Craig Pinhey on 2014 Borealis, | 17/07/17
"BB's latest release of the very popular Nova 7 is sweet, frothy, aromatic, fruity-floral effervescent wine, with some leesy notes and herbal-wintergreen mint flavours. Length is decent, making this a simple and friendly, mid-afternoon patio-sipping sort of wine. " Score: 86
John Szabo on 2016 Nova 7, | 21/06/17
"So pretty, floral, strawberry blossom exotic. Like a good dream from which you don't want to awaken. Perfect summer day in the middle of your winter world. " Score: 94
Natalie MacLean on 2016 Nova 7, | 25/04/17
"Nova 7 in 2016 carries more vibrancy, energy, acidity and general pulse on its semi-sweet Nova Scotia sparkling wine frame than it had in the past few vintages. A similar viscosity and range of tropical flavours keep things consistent though it is the higher ranging acids and also grape tannin that elevate this 2016 game. The slightly less commercial gain and a bit more of the true Benjamin Bridge style comes clean from 2016. A Nova 7 to please all camps and win more hearts." Score: 90
Michael Godel on 2016 Nova 7, | 13/06/17
" Nova 7 is in a league of its own. Crisper, perfectly balanced, more complex, and loaded with refreshing minerality, Nova 7 is unlike no others, and many Canadians have caught on to this. Nova 7 is becoming Canada’s favourite wine." Score 94
Matt Steeves on 2016 Nova 7, | 03/04/17
"Le Nova 7, dans l'esprit d'un Moscato d'Asti, est un vin complètement charmeur, plein de fruit mûr et juteux, aux arômes de pêche, de pamplemousse et de fleurs, demi-sec, avec une légère effervescence et un faible taux d'alcool."
Véronique Rivest on 2015 Nova 7, La Presse | 09/01/17
"Off-dry but clean as an ocean spray, this is refined and elegant, with a vein of chalky minerality running through flavours of green apple and lemon. " Score: 90
Beppi Crosariol on Tidal Bay 2014, The Globe and Mail | 07/10/15
"A tribute to Nova Scotia winemaking, this friendly and flavourful wine is a proprietary blend of signature aromatic white grapes " Score: 91
Rick VanSickle on 2013 Nova 7, | 03/08/15
"With classic Nova Scotia stony mineral and lively acidity, finishing just off-dry, this is another winning vintage for this now iconic wine." Score: 90
Sean Wood on 2014 Nova 7, | 01/08/15
"This Nova Scotia Cabernet Franc Rosé has lovely aromas of tart cherry and cranberry, along with racy, mouth-watering acidity for seafood. It shows a pretty pale pink-light orange in the glass. Finishes with blood orange notes. Very refreshing." Score: 90
Natalie Maclean on 2014 Cabernet Franc Rosé, | 16/06/15
"Best rosé in #CanadaCalling."
Juan Carlos Rincon on 2014 Cabernet Franc Rosé, @Rincondecata | 22/05/15
"Very pale pink; aromatic, orange and lavender nose; off dry, spicy, orange, peach and redcurrant flavours with lively acidity. Moscato d’Asti style. Light and delicious." Score: 90
Tony Aspler CM on 2014 Nova 7, | 08/06/15
"The best wine in Atlantic Canada. Nova 7 is a blend of aromatic varieties including Muscat, and at 7% alcohol is a good choice for responsible, enjoyable consumption."
Progress Magazine on Nova 7, | 01/06/14
"Summer in a glass."
Peter Rockwell on Nova 7, | 09/02/13
"This is a really lovely wine, quintessentially summery, in a style that will have you looking for the second bottle before you finish the first. Made from aromatic varieties among which muscats predominate, it shows its varietal provenance clearly. But this no simple-minded muscat or moscato; it’s a lightly effervescent rosé that’s full of complex flavours, and it carries its intensity lightly." Score: 4.5/5
Rod Phillips on Nova 7, Rod on Wine | 01/07/14
"Lime-soaked guava, blood orange and sweet, spice-laden candy apple bathe the palate infusing the lengthy finish and aftertaste. It’s summer in a glass and lip-smacking good." Score: 4.5/5
Vic Harradine on Nova 7, | 07/02/14
"A frizzante style, where very light, delicate tongue tickling bubbles make it a treat for a hot day. The flavours are similar too, with seductive rose petals, honeysuckle, jasmine and lychee notes. It is one of the best offerings from the Gaspereau Valley of Nova Scotia." Score: 91
Gord Stimmel on Nova 7, The Record | 19/07/14
"Celebrate life! Wow, this is liquid exuberance. Moscato-grape aromas with orange zest and honeysuckle swaying in the summer breeze." Score: 92
Natalie Maclean on Nova 7, HuffPost Canada online | 27/06/13
"Benjamin Bridge 2012 Nova 7 from Nova Scotia’s Gaspereau Valley (a spur of the Annapolis Valley) has been a sensation ‘down east’ for the last couple of years. Benjamin Bridge is a critically-acclaimed sparkling wine producer doing very serious Champagne-styled wines, but this is much more in the Moscato d’Asti realm – super-fresh, off-dry, clean as a whistle. A summer fruit salad to serve snapping-cold."
David Lawrason, | 19/06/13
"A $25 bottle that’s built a cult following."
Rosemary Westwood on Nova 7, Maclean’s Wine in Canada | 01/05/13
"Equally compelling are Benjamin Bridge’s fun styles, which out-fun all of the mass-produced leftover fruit blends put out by large concerns in the name of fun."
Matt Browman on Nova 7, Highlander Wine & Spirits Blog | 05/09/13
"Seductively aromatic fruitiness, with Muscat scents prominent but delicate, together with berry, floral and mineral notes. Very gentle spritz in the mouth, with berry fruits and pink grapefruit attractively balanced by lively acidity and firm mineral grip. Fruity, floral and lightly honeyed notes linger on the finish. Perhaps the best yet." Score: 3 out of 3 stars
Sean Wood on Nova 7, The Chronicle Herald | 19/04/13
"An East Coast trailblazer, Benjamin Bridge’s latest Nova 7 white is a category unto itself… unlike anything else on the market… and just about the perfect summer sipper." Score: 91
Beppi Crosariol, The Globe and Mail | 08/02/12
"This is a pale, light (6.5 per cent alcohol), medium-sweet sparkling wine in the tradition of Italy’s Moscato d’Asti. Expect a very intense, floral nose with muscat-like green melon, plus the scent of ginger ale and lime. It’s clean as a whistle and sliced by tight, green apple acidity. Very good length." Score: 89
David Lawrason on Nova 7, Toronto Life | 08/02/12
"Benjamin Bridge Nova 7 is such sexy wine. This glorious wine is slightly effervescent and just off-dry. I truly believe this would put many Moscato d’Asti to shame with its aromatics and delightful freshness. Really pretty, feminine and playful. An unbelievable wine!" Score: 92
Zoltan Szabo, (video blog) | 31/05/12
"So immediately appealing is this spritz, some diners may be tempted to hang onto their glass throughout the meal."
Konrad Ejbich on Nova 7, Style at Home | 01/04/12
"Nova Scotia’s iconic wine brand is better than ever… Perfect for a summer celebration."
Mark DeWolf on Nova 7, Occasions Magazine | 01/07/11
"Benjamin Bridge Nova 7 2010 (a blend of Muscat and Perle of Csaba) from Nova Scotia: Pink gold colour; Moscato d’Asti style with less carbonic gas and livelier acidity – orange, tangerine and carnation on the nose; off-dry, beautifully balanced grapey, peach and tangerine flavours with a hint of sweetness and a tangy acidic finish. A great summer sipper. Surprisingly mouth-filling for its 8.5% alcohol." Score: 89
Tony Aspler CM | 05/11/11
"Love it, very refreshing! …lemon and floral character, refreshing acidity, crisp finish."
Craig Pinhey on Vēro | ’11
"The Gaspereau Valleys Benjamin Bridge unveils its long-awaited Icewine… Aged for four years before release, the elegantly-intense bouquet is redolent with piquant citrus, floral, spicy and honeyed notes. On the palate, similarly-focused intense lemon honey flavour comes in a rich syrupy texture with racy dynamic acid balance. Amazing length and complexity on the finish, with lemon, tangerine, orange, honey and floral blossoms. A new triumph for winemaking in Nova Scotia." Score: 3 out of 3 stars
Sean Wood on Borealis | 11/06/08