Benjamin Bridge announces new 250-ml canned wines

Benjamin Bridge debuts two premium quality 250-ml canned wines for summer 2019

Thursday, May 2, 2019 (Gaspereau Valley, Nova Scotia) – Benjamin Bridge, Nova Scotia’s sparkling wine pioneer, is set to debut two ‘first of its kind’ 250-millilitre canned wines this month – its effervescent East Coast trailblazer, Nova 7, and an unfiltered, natural sparkling wine, called Pet Nat. Benjamin Bridge aims to premiumize and popularize this untapped wine category by offering finely crafted wine in a convenient, portable, single-serving format.

Benjamin Bridge head winemaker Jean-Benoit Deslauriers describes why canned wine is a category that deserves the attention of premium wine producers and has the potential to entice wine consumers. Deslauriers says:

Since implementing organic farming practices in the late 90’s, our team set out on a path to find new and creative ways of increasing the sustainability and natural qualities of our wines. Along the way, we’ve disproved many stereotypes about Nova Scotia wine by crafting wines that celebrate our unique maritime terroir. With cans being the format of choice for some of the world’s most iconic craft beers and micro-breweries, we asked ourselves whether it was time to combine cans with fine artisanal wines?  Our answer was a definite yes — with the same great taste as in bottle, we are offering a format that is small, light, and recycled more frequently than glass.  We’ve now added convenience and portability in a single serving for our most celebrated wines.

Now, in its 12th vintage, Benjamin Bridge will release a 250-ml can format of its iconic wine, Nova 7, in early May 2019 for $7.99, following on the heels of its most successful vintage release to date. A true original that celebrates the province’s unique coastal terroir along the Bay of Funday, Nova 7’s lively spritz, inherent acidity, and elegant aromatics in a canned format is a natural extension for Benjamin Bridge.

Later in the month, the winery will be releasing an exciting new wine called Pet Nat (Pétillant Naturel), which is a natural, unfiltered wine crafted in the ‘ancestral method’, the oldest method of making sparkling wine. This method relies on a fermentation that begins in tank and finishes in each can. No sugar, yeast, sulphites or other preservatives are added and nothing is taken away. Like a Pétillant Naturel in a bottle, the wine remains unfiltered and intentionally cloudy in the can. This wine will be available in select NSLC and private wine stores across Nova Scotia on June 3rd 2019 for $8.99 a can. A limited quantity will also be released in select Canadian cities this summer. 

Deslauriers explains why a Pet Nat 250-ml is the perfect new summer offering:

Innovation and risk taking are part of our DNA at Benjamin Bridge. With Nova 7 we pushed our artisan practices even further as the wine’s popularity grew, including relying on 100% wild fermentations and 100% natural sugars. Now, with our 250-ml Pet Nat we’ve accomplished a technical feat that is the first of its kind in Canada. Due to its unpredictability, can fermentation is uncharted territory with only some of the world’s rarest beers having attempted the challenge. We’ve accomplished it — the wine finishes dry with a mouthfeel and grapefruit notes that are as distinct and drinkable as Nova 7.

Together, the 250-ml Nova 7 and 250-ml Pet Nat provide two premium quality, aromatic and refreshing yet wonderfully distinct wines that go wherever consumers want to go – perfect for the beach, summertime hikes, camping, outdoor festivals or game nights.

The Nova 7 is available now and Pet Nat is available to pre-order in 12 packs on the Benjamin Bridge website at or please contact the winery at (902) 542-1560 or [email protected]