The first orange wines

At our recent BB Club release party, in what will surely be a historic moment for our team, assistant winemaker Bastien Warskotte had the honour of introducing our very first orange wines to members. In the Caucasus region of Georgia, where the earliest wines were made over 5000 years ago, there is an ancient, still enduring tradition of making white wine using the same method as red wine by leaving the grape skins in the wine itself for months. This maceration, or skin contact, is what differentiates a red from a white, and when implemented on white varietals produces what is referred to as an “orange” wine. The two wines we have released were made from Geisenheim, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc.

Bastien spent a vintage in Georgia before joining our small team and early next year will return to Georgia to pursue his dream of establishing a vineyard and winery with an orange wine focus. It goes without saying he is the heart and soul of our first skin contact wines.