Benjamin Bridge announces $50,000 donation to regional hospital foundations across NS


Monday, June 29, 2020 (Gaspereau Valley, Nova Scotia) – Benjamin Bridge is delighted to share the results of its initiative in support of regional community health during COVID-19. In late March, Benjamin Bridge announced it would donate 10% of its Nova 7 sales (750-ml and 250-ml) from the NSLC store network over a 12-week period from March 16 to June 7. It made donations totalling $50,100, which was shared across three regional hospital foundations — Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation, Valley Regional Hospital Foundation and Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation.

By selecting its most sold wine on NSLC shelves, Benjamin Bridge sought to raise as much as it could in support of regional health efforts, recognizing it is the NSLC customers and employees who span the entire province that have made Nova 7 a homegrown success. NSLC President and CEO Greg Hughes shares his thoughts on these efforts:

This was a great initiative by Benjamin Bridge that will result in a lot of good for our communities. We’re proud to offer Nova 7 in all 108 of our stores, where it has been a best seller for 13 years. As our top selling 750 ml Nova Scotia and premium wine and consistently in the top three 750 ml wines from around the world, Benjamin Bridge is an unprecedented success story. Nova 7’s popularity extends national and internationally, which speaks to the quality of this wine.

Stephen Harding, President and CEO of Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation describes the use of the funds raised through the sale of Nova 7:

I’d like to make a toast to Benjamin Bridge and thank them for their amazing support of the Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Now, we are shifting to preparation measures for future waves. Benjamin Bridge’s most recent contributions to our COVID-19 Response Fund will go towards research focused on the social and health inequities of African Nova Scotians in the Preston communities and across the province.  Local researchers are leading projects that will push for the collection of race-based health data, protect those experiencing family violence, and inform future pandemic responses. The results will be instrumental in establishing community-based programs, aiding public health decisions, and reducing racial barriers to healthcare.

Rick McCarthy, Acting CEO of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation, shares the importance of regional health support:

The Benjamin Bridge team has gone above and beyond to embrace healthcare and to help those in need at such an uncertain time. Thanks to their tremendous generosity, we will be able to provide more vital support for patients and their families in Cape Breton. It is an honour to work with a Nova Scotian company that is so passionate about giving back to their own community.

Benjamin Bridge’s new 2019 vintage of Nova 7 in 750-ml and 250-ml is available on NSLC store shelves.



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