Tenth Nova 7 in the making

While filtering the individual base wine tanks (pictured above), which are being layered together to create the master blend for 2016 Nova 7, we are finding it hard to believe this will be the 10th edition of Nova 7 available for sale. We have experimental vintages from 2005 and 2006, yet these were never released to the public.

A little known fact is that the “7” in the name was originally a vintage designation, meaning it would change each year – Nova 7, Nova 8, Nova 9, etc. Our intent was to draw attention to the growing season in which the wine was made, and hopefully customers would begin to delight in the variations year to year instead of expecting a static, unchanging wine.

And they have. In our tasting room we have been witness to some hot debates on “best” vintage, which makes our hearts burst with pride regardless of the victor. We have heard time and again from young Nova Scotia wine drinkers who didn’t know what the term vintage really “meant”, that Nova 7 was the wine that taught them through their tastebuds each spring when the new one was released.

However, after that very first year, the name stuck. People were asking for it by “Nova 7” and so we rolled with it. 10 years later it is referred to as Nova Scotia’s iconic wine, and known as the wine that changed the local industry. So we stand here, watching the filtration progress, and wondering where the time went.