Weekend Sipper Pack

1 x NV Rosé, 2 x Pet Nat 250ml, 2 x Nova 7 250ml: $60

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Whether you are taking in the sunshine on your balcony at home, safely making use of the open parks and trails, or breaking out the BBQ for the first time this year, our head winemaker Jean-Benoit has curated this weekend mixed pack, with free shipping and delivery.

    • NV Rosé – An artisan non-vintage sparkling made from reserve wines spanning more than a decade. This extra-long ageing on lees has granted this wine complexity, character and smoky undertones, making it the perfect match for grilled and charred fares on the BBQ.
    • 2 x 2019 Pet Nat Cans – A juicy, light bodied sparkling wine bottled immediately after harvest and, remarkably, finishing its wild fermentation inside each 250ml can. The result is a living, raw wine that is perceptibly cloudy and hazy when poured. Crack this open after you’ve worked up a sweat outdoors or enjoy with your favourite taco recipe.
    • 2 x 2019 Nova 7 Cans – Already a team favourite, the 2019 Nova 7 was recently called “the greatest vintage of Nova 7 in the history of Nova 7” by sommelier Mark Pardy (Raymonds, St. John’s NL). A one-of-a-kind wine made with no sulphites added and fully wild fermented, this 2019 Nova 7 is naturally balanced and stands out as most versatile and food-friendly Nova to date. We can’t wait to learn what pairings Nova 7 fans come up with!