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While our vintage sparkling wine program purposely highlights the fascinating differences between each growing season, the Benjamin Bridge NV is a non-vintage sparkling wine aimed at consistently capturing the proverbial qualities of our estate microclimate. To do so, the NV taps into the Benjamin Bridge library of sparkling wines that spans over 13 years, including blending components from our inaugural 2002 vintage, to create a house style. This handcrafted sparkling wine offers a true taste of our history.


In the glass, a pale golden colour with a straw hue. On the nose, the wine displays suggestions of smoke and lemon rind with strong sea minerals undertones. The palate is luscious, but with good intensity and vibrancy. Hints of green apples and dried cranberries are magnified by the wine’s bright structure, unfolding in a lengthy mineral finish.


Technical specifications

Varietal composition: 55% L’Acadie, 45% Chardonnay
Vineyard composition: 100% Benjamin Bridge Estate
Alcohol: 12%
TA: 8.5 g/L
pH: 3.1
R/S: 4 g/L
Brix (average at harvest): 18º
Price: $27.95 CDN, 750mL

Hand crafted with no chemical additions, naturally occurring wine tartrates, or affectionately known by industry professionals as “wine diamonds”, may be visible in some bottles.