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Head Winemaker: Jean-Benoit Deslauriers

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More than ten years ago, a winemaking experiment pioneered a new wine category to celebrate Nova Scotia’s unique maritime terroir – Nova 7.

The name ‘Nova 7’ encompasses so much of what has made this wine “an East Coast trailblazer”. ‘Nova’ pays homage to the winemakers’ commitment to a wine that could only be made in the Province of Nova Scotia and for the Latin word “new” to reflect the daring notion that we would create something completely original. The ‘7’ is in tribute to 2007, the year of the first commercial vintage when no one at Benjamin Bridge could have predicted the wine’s future success.

The 2019 vintage was defined by a late start to the growing season and an unexpected wind and rain event from Hurricane Dorian in late season that disrupted the grape’s ripening process at the most critical stage. As a result, the fruit had significantly less sugar at harvest than in other years. Nonetheless, we stayed true to our natural practices and low-intervention winemaking principles by adding no sugars at any stage in the crafting of Nova 7. And, it is as if the forces of nature knew best of all, as the resulting wine is aligned with our preference for balance and freshness.

We relied upon wild fermentations and no sulphites were added at any stage from grape-to-bottle. While these natural practices come with great risk, the possible reward of exceptional quality is too attractive to pass up. Our 2019 Nova 7 conveys a level of precision and vibrancy that would be greatly reduced by conventional winemaking practices, such as the use of added sugar, fining agents and commercial yeasts.

While our ethos is rooted in natural practices and sustainability, with Nova 7 we want to demonstrate that, measured on a scale of deliciousness alone, non-interventionist winemaking can outperform conventional techniques. This vintage is the most versatile yet, with a touch less residual sweetness due to the cooler growing season, combined with even more brilliant aromatics and concentration on the palate.

Serve well chilled. Nova 7’s enticing aromatics complement foods with spice and flare.



Nova 7 PairingNova 7 PairingNova 7 Pairing


Tasting Notes, 2019 Nova 7

In the glass, an amber gold with glints of salmon pink. On the nose, layers of orchard fruit intermingled with lychee notes are electrified by brisk citrus undertones. The palate is pure and highly energetic, with a cascade of fresh lime, green apples and ripe mangoes echoing in a most refreshing finish.


Technical Specifications

Varietal Composition: A proprietary blend using Muscat varietals, l’Acadie, Ortega & Geisenheim.
Alcohol: 6.5%
pH: 3.1
TA: 5.7 g/l
RS: 60 g/l
Brix (avg. at harvest): 18º
Service Temp: 3°C